65% of your potential clients are visual learners.

Videofood animation makes your message entertaining, informative and simple to understand.
Getting your own video is as easy as ordering a pizza , but much better for you.

Our video menu includes:

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Herman Roodt
Video Animation

“Our personalised video has been a great introduction to our website, it allows people to forward the video when referring to us, as opposed to trying to explain what we do.”

Herman Roodt, MFS

Video Animation

“We love the variety of Insurance and Mortgage videos. It’s important for us to have content to share and use in newsletters. This saves us hours on creating content, so we can focus on signing new clients.”

Rohit Ranchod, Smart Brokers

Vanessa Victor
Video Animation

“Our video on the ‘Truth About Dyslexia’ has been great. It has driven visitors to our quiz and we have been surprised by how effective it has been for our audience. I have no problem recommending Virtual Innovation.”

Vanessa Victor, Remarkable Minds