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5 Ways To Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2019

People love videos. We all enjoy scrolling down our social media feeds and stop by when a funny, entertainingor catchy video pops up. However, videos are not just for fun. Nowadays, a larger number of consumers research video content to help them make a purchase decision. That seems crazy, but it goes along with the saying: “What you see is what you get”. It’s better to see something rather than just reading about it. Would you agree?

Most social media platforms are improving or adding video features for their users to enjoy watching and sharing videos. However, the most powerful platform when it comes to videos is without doubt YouTube, which is also the world’s second largest search engine.

Did you know that we spend around 1 billion hours a day watching videos on YouTube? That is more than Netflix and Facebook combined. We are a bunch of video junkies!

With that in mind, we are telling you that if you want to be seen and discovered by your potential customers, you need to start your YouTube channel now and make sure to have an optimization strategy to maximise views and channel growth. Video marketing is ever growing and surely, you do not want to miss out.

Here are out top 5 tips to help you grow your YouTube channel in 2019.

1. Think of a single topic/keyword and create your video around it.
This is a crucial point if you want your video to reach the maximum amount of viewers. It will help you to get the traffic you desire and grow your audience. If you don’t know much about SEO you might feel overwhelmed by the thought or even put off. Fear not! You can use an easy tool like to help you research the most popular keywords in your target market.
Pick a keyword or topic and build your video around it. This way you will be able to provide the best info around it and you will remember to include your keyword throughout the content. It might help check other successful videos around your chosen topic, just to make sure you are on the right track. Keep it short! The most successful videos on YouTube are less than 5 minutes long.

2. Optimise video title and description.
You are featuring on the world’s second largest search engine, remember? You will not rank high just by magic. You need to optimise title and description to be found.
Choose a catchy title but also make sure to add the keyword you want to rank for. Try placing your keyword at the beginning of the title. As for the video description, think of it like a summary blog post. Make it short but detailed, descriptive and to the point. Remember to add keywords. Possibly within the first two sentences, but don’t overdo. You might have the opposite effect.
To complete your masterpiece, add relevant tags to your video.

3. Post thumbnails that stand out.
A small thing such a thumbnail can have a big impact. YouTube shows other videos via thumbnails.Why people would choose to click on yours? Make your thumbnail stand out! A catchy title and appealing thumbnail usually rank higher. You can use highlighted areas and larger text among other things.

4. Engage with your audience.
This goes a long way. It shows your audience that you care and keeps them entertained. YouTube, like any other social media, requires interaction. Try to respond to each single comment you receive and to encourage conversation and engagement with your other content. YouTube rewards channels that have great engagement, including the amount of time people spend on your channel.

5. Make the most of YouTube cards.
We just mentioned that YouTube rewards channels with a longer watch time. If people stay on your channel for a long time it means they are engaged with your content, right? If you use YouTube analytics you can see how long people stay on your channel and at which point they leave.
By using YouTube cards, you can add recommended videos at the point your watchers are about to abandon the ship. This will encourage them to stay on, check out your other content and spend more time on your channel. Win, win, win!

Are you ready to rock YouTube in 2019? The New Year is approaching fast. Get to work and try out these 5ways to grow your YouTube channel in 2019!
Let us know how it goes and feel free to ask any question.

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