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What is Videofood?

We are a full-service Animation company offering Premade videos & Custom videos. Our skill is in helping take your prospects from confusion to clarity using beautifully crafted videos.

Why use video in your business?

65% of people are visual learners. So it makes sense to not exclude these people in your marketing.

Not only that – videos are the most shareable form of content, the most viewed content on platforms like facebook & LinkedIn, give you a chance to be found on Youtube the second largest search engine in the world and can even help boost your search engine rankings for your website.

They are a no brainer.

How long do custom videos take?

The average 60 second video takes about 4 weeks to produced. If you are prompt with revisions it can be a touch quicker. We don’t limit design revisions so you can get it perfect.. But the more you do the longer it takes.

How does customising a pre-made video work?

Many people love our videos but they want a minor change. It could be..

  • Make themselves the lead character
  • Update the scene colours to match there brand
  • Adjust the call to action at the end
  • Change part of the script & animation to match their process
  • The list goes on….

Customising a video is simple. You buy the base video and pay us for the changes. We charge a low hourly rate and give you a quote based on the changes you want that we guarantee. It only changes if your adjustments change.

Really simple, you get a high quality result at a lower price than going fully custom. Win-Win.

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