New Zealand Animation

How To Order

When you go to a restaurant, you look through a menu of options and may ask yourself:

What do I feel like?
What’s the most popular option?
What does the waiter recommend?

Why should video production be any different?

The Videofood Menu

Ready To Serve Videos

Many of our customers select a video from our menu of pre-made options:

Video Animation

Simply pick an

New Zealand Animation

Choose the storyline
that fits best

Referral Explainer Videos

And place
your order

All our pre-made videos are prepared with the call to action you want for your brand at the end.  Delicious.

I don’t like lettuce and would love some hot sauce.

Maybe you have found the video you want, but it’s not quite to your taste. No sweat.

Simply tell us how you would like it prepared and we can make it happen. Adjustments may include:

Custom Explainer Videos

Changing the accent

Video Explainers

Changing the key

Premade Videos

Adding a key point, specific
to your business.

Premade Videos

Changing the way
the video ends.

Video Explainer Specialists

Changing the voice over
from male to female.

Referral Explainer Videos

Adding in foreign subtitles, or a different voice over for a new market.

Whatever you need, our video chefs can make it happen.  Simply click the button on the video you have chosen to find out how to request changes.

Made To Order Videos

Another of Videofood’s specialties is whipping up an animation that’s custom-made for you.

Using our storytelling know-how, we can deliver your message to suit your taste.

You’ll benefit from the expertise of our whole restaurant team.

Waiter Videofood

(Project Manager)

Referral Explainer Videos

Head Chef
(Creative Director)

Premade Videos

Sou Chef
(Script Writer)

Videofood - Explainer Animation

Sou Chef

New Zealand Animation

Birthday Singer
(Voiceover artist)

Whet your customer’s appetite with a Videofood
animation you can serve 24/7.

Browse our menu of options and get in touch with any questions using the chat box at the bottom of the page.