We love Marketing Consultants &
Digital Advertising Companies.

Love em.. Love em.. Love em..  

You guys are the backbone of so many companies. Helping spread a message in the digital wilderness. Drawing in just the right buyer, to take action and make a client’s day. 

Without you, many companies would be struggling to get by. You allow them to focus on what they are good at, while doing what you are good at.

That is our ethos as well. We only focus on creating beautiful animated explainer videos (mainly for New Zealand  & Australia ).

A lot of our work comes from referrals by great people like you, who work closely with us to deliver great outcomes.

Whether you need a YouTube Ad , a high converting video for a landing page or maybe social media content, we are your peeps (#borninthe80s)

We only work with partners who care about results. We are not a wham bam thank you maam operation and neither are our partners. 

It’s about long term relationships with partners  and clients alike. We want to be able to refer you too.

If you think we could be a match made in heaven then reach out. 
You can speak to

Stephen  on  or flick him an email at  stephen@videofood.co