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Why people actually refer business.

Can you remember a time you had exquisite service?

Maybe you had your carpets cleaned, your poodle shampooed or a mortgage broker did the work to help you get your dream house (or at least make sure you could pay for it).

You are chuffed.

You want to share those guys with the world as your gift.

Why? Because it makes you feel good.

I remember staying at a campsite up in Taupo, 3 hours south of Auckland (if you drive fast). It has the most amazing swimming pool you could ever imagine. A 6-star hotel swimming pool for a bunch of campers.

(here is a picture of the pool)

Their service was excellent, it was the full package.

I wanted to tell everyone, share the joy with them. Not as a favour to the campsite, but to make myself feel good that I introduced other people to a happy experience.

I could influence people’s lives in a positive way.

I ended up forwarding their video & sharing it on social media.

The point I have just made is where many companies go wrong. They look at people being referred to them as a favour, which is something that puts the referrer off.

Like they owe them something for that referral beyond just giving great service.

The mindset leads to not asking or using tools to orchestrate referrals (I learned about this on this podcast).

Having the mindset shift from ‘A referral is a favour to me’ to ‘People refer because it makes them feel good’, is a game changer.

If you don’t make it easy to be referred, you are doing your clients & network a disservice.

You’re are actually stopping them from being happy.

So, what do you need to make referrals work? We have boiled it down to 3 things that make the biggest difference:

1. A great experience

If I had gone to another average campsite I would have not even considered sharing it with others. ‘OK’ is not referral-worthy. ‘WOW’ is referral-worthy. Starting to think how you can go the extra mile is at the foundation of this process and it will go a long way.

  • Send a client an unexpected thank you gift once the sale is completed.
  • Include a free extra in what you do, that you don’t tell them about. Surprise them!
  • Make your time frames a little longer so you always over deliver on expectation.

These are just a few ideas but you can get a little creative.

2. Stay in front of mind

We have never been busier as human beings. It is not our job to remember the insurance adviser who spent countless hours getting a policy through or the plumber who came out at 10pm to stop the family drowning from the overflowing tap.

It is your job as a business owner to remind them you exist. That could be by sending them a mail out in the post, giving them a call from time to time or, a very effective alternative way, to create value-added videos to send via social media or in email marketing.

Give value, don’t just upsell. It will make them go. I remember why I love these guys so much.

Your brand + Value add = More referrals.

3. Make the conversation easier

We all would like to be able to refer more but sometimes we feel awkward. Maybe we struggle to explain what someone has done for us or we might just put it in the back of our mind and forget.

The easier you make it for clients to refer, the more referrals you get. Some of the most popular videos we sell are referral videos. A profile video developed using a few smart psychological cues to explain what you do. Build a personal connection while showing yourself as an authority.

This allows clients, friends and connections to easily share your video with people they want to introduce you to and increases the chance of you getting to meet them.

Pop it in the signature of your email and before you know it the enquiries will start coming through. I read in an article that the average business person sends 122 emails a day (I feel that is a bit high but not far off).

If your video is in your signature that could be up to 600 videos going out each week on autopilot. A no-brainer, huh.

To wrap things up.

If you take anything from this article remember that a referral is something that makes the referrer feel great – not a favour to someone. That mindset shift will change the way you get referrals and what you do to help people remember you.

Start making small changes in the way you work and before you know it that flood of referrals will be at your door – consistently.